Standing in relation; connected; allied; akin. Nowland Realty Co. v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, C.C.A.7, 47 F.2d 1018, 1021.
Goods are "related" for trademark purposes if they are used in conjunction with one another or are associated together in some way in the minds of the consuming public. Alfred Dunhill of London, Inc. v. Kasser Distillers Products Corp., D.C.Pa., 350 F.Supp. 1341, 1352.
See also relative
@ related claim
Related claims may be joined under Fed.R.Civil P. 18(a). Within statute permitting joinder of claim for unfair competition with substantial and related claim under patent laws is claim resting on substantially identical facts. Lyon v. General Motors Corp., D.C.I11., 200 F.Supp. 89, 91
@ related goods
Courts will find trademark infringement in cases where the goods sold by the defendant and the mark owner do not directly compete, if the goods are related. Goods are considered related if consumers would assume that, when marked with the same trademark, they come from a common source or are sponsored by the same party
@ related party transactions
The tax law places restrictions upon the recognition of gains and losses between related parties due to the potential for abuse. For example, restrictions are placed upon the deduction of losses from the sale or exchange of property between related parties. A related party includes a corporation which is controlled by the taxpayer. I.R.C. No. 267
@ related proceedings
As used in bankruptcy context are those civil proceedings, that, in absence of petition in bankruptcy court, could have been brought in federal district court or state court. Hotel Corp. of the South v. Rampart 920, Inc., D.C.La., 46 B.R. 758, 769.
A "related proceeding" must in some way relate to the administration of the bankrupt estate; there must be some reason why adjudication of the claim is better placed with the bankruptcy court as opposed to a state court. In re American Energy, Inc., Bkrtcy.N.D., 50 B.R. 175, 179.

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